Entry #99

Update (music, preset pack, other random shit)

2017-09-13 17:09:30 by EnNinja

Yo yo yo ladies and gentlemen and everything inbetween, it's ya boi AntiTone.

So I've been pretty inactive for a few months here on newgrounds... and on soundcloud... and everywhere else. Basically I just don't feel like making music at all what so ever right now... and it's been like that for a while.

No I will not quit it's just that I have at least 30 projects that I could have finished but I just don't know how the fuck to continue them. I might start making an EP cause it a good exuse for me to take my time... if you haven't noticed I am very slow. Also I've been playing a lot of Smite with some friends recently, it's lots of fun.

Now this will come out of nowhere but I MIGHT make a preset pack for Serum and Harmor. It's just if school doesn't give me a fucking uppercut of homework and shit. Thinking of it I have like 2 things due friday that I haven't started... shit.

Well anyway I will try to get more active on Twitter if you maybe want to go ahead and follow me there, and I'll see ya in the next post or upload or some shit I dunno.

Have a great day ;)


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